NAKAMURA Ikuo 中村 征夫 (1945.7.1- ) Akita Pref. One of Japan's most prominent marine photographers.

Started scuba diving and marine photography at age 20. Worked at the Suichu Zokei Center, then turned freelance.

Currently head of a production company called Squall, specializing in the ocean. Underwater documentary photographer actively covering Tokyo Bay, Minamata, Ishigaki (Shiraho), Isahaya, and other marine environment hot spots. Numerous photo books, TV and radio appearances, photo contest judge, etc. (2005.08.28)

Awards 13th Kimura Ihe'e Award, 1987; Higashikawa Special Award, 1996; Kodansha Publishing Culture Photo Award, 1997

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The Coral Way Around Okinawa Islands

Published: 2000-07-21 Publisher: Aspect ISBN: 4757207824 Price in Japan: Y3,990 Qualities: A4 27x27cm, hard cover, pp., color photos Language: Japanese

Colorful underwater photos of coral around tropical Okinawa. It includes photos of the coral's natural enemy, a certain species of starfish that has a voracious appetite for coral. See some dead coral, and mountains of bare dirt which runoff into the ocean when it rains, killing the coral as well. The photographer is one of Japan's best-known marine photographers.