NAGAO Yasushi


NAGAO Yasushi 長尾 靖 (1930.5.20-) Tokyo. Japan's first Pulitzer Prize winner in 1961.

Education Graduated Chiba Univ. Engineering Dept. in 1953.

Career Entered Mainichi Newspapers and left in 1962 to go freelance. Produced photo books, "Face in the Future" and "Challenge and Dreams."

On Oct. 12, 1961 at Hibiya Hall in Tokyo, a 17-year-old, right-wing activist stabbed ASANUMA Inajiro, the head of the Japan Socialist Party, who was giving a speech. Nagao was sitting in the front row and snapped the Pulitzer Prize-winning shot of the assassination at the moment the teenage radical pulled out the knife from Asanuma after stabbing once.

The shot, titled "Assassination of Asanuma," was captured on the last frame of film inside Nagao's camera. It was widely published around the world through UPI.

Awards Pulitzer Prize for Photography, 1961