MINAMI Yoshikazu

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MINAMI Yoshikazu 南 良和 (1935.10.8- ) Chichibu, Saitama Pref. Asthmatic as a child and took up photography for health reasons as recommended by his father.

In 1955, started taking pictures of children, young people, and mountain villages in Chichibu. Some of the photos were subsequently published in a camera magazine. Graduated from Tokyo Sogo Shashin Senmon Gakko in 1961.

His hometown of Chichibu has been his main photographic interest for which he won numerous awards. (2000.12.12)

Awards: 4th Taiyo Award, 1967; 28th Photographic Society of Japan Nendo Award, 1978; 13th Domon Ken Award, 1994; 21st Ina Nobuo Award, 1996.