MATSUZAKI Shinji 松崎 晋二 Date of birth and death unknown. Early Japanese photographer active in the latter 19th century in Tokyo. One of the earliest commercial product photographers in Japan, and Japan's first military photographer.

Learned photography from YOKOYAMA Matsusaburo and a few other mentors.

Mastuzaki was also one of the earliest commercial product photographers in Japan by photographing lamps and furniture during the 1870s for retail sales. Also studied dry plate production and made his own dry plates.

Also significant are his photos of the Ogasawara islands (formerly Bonin islands) taken in 1872. In April 1874, he was ordered to go to Taiwan to become Japan's first military photographer.

In 1886, published the first Japanese book (写真必用写客の心得)on how to be photographed in the portrait studio. Rather than being a how-to book for studio photographers, it was for customers wanting to have their portrait taken in the studio. (2002.12.22)