MATSUSHIGE Yoshito 松重 美人 (1913-2005.01.16) Hiroshima. Press photographer who took five pictures of Hiroshima city on the day of the atomic bomb.

Entered Chugoku Shimbun newspaper in 1943 as a press photographer.

On Aug. 6, 1945 at 8:15 am, the day the atomic bomb was dropped, Matsushige was cut by pieces of glass and knocked against a wall in his house. Even while bleeding himself, he went out and headed for work to find out what had happened. He managed to take five pictures of the bombed-out city with his Mamiya 6 camera. His photo of dazed people on Miyuki Bridge with a dark cloud in the background is often published.

Afterward, he traveled the world with his photos to oppose nuclear weapons and promote peace.