Keihan Railways

Keihan Ishiyama-Sakamoto Line train at Omi Jingu-mae Station in Otsu, Shiga.

by Philbert Ono

Two Keihan Lines run in Shiga: Ishiyama-Sakamoto Line (entirely within Otsu) and Keishin Line between Otsu and Kyoto Prefecture. The Keihan Line in Otsu started running between Hama-Otsu and Ishiyama-dera in 1914. The line was later extended to Sakamoto.

Wheelchair users must note that many Keihan Line stations are not wheelchair accessible. Click on the train station link below to see if the station is accessible or not. If necessary, call the indicated phone number in advance for wheelchair assistance. Many stations are unmanned.

Keihan Ishiyama-Sakamoto Line


Almost like a streetcar line cutting through the center of Otsu, Shiga from the east end in Ishiyama to the west end in Sakamoto. It takes you places in the city where the JR line cannot reach such as Ishiyama-dera temple, Hama-Otsu shopping and amusement area, Miidera temple, Omi Shrine, and Sakamoto.

Keihan Keishin Line


Streetcar line connecting Otsu and Kyoto.

Keihan Electric Railway Co.