KITANIWA Tsukuba 北庭 筑波 (1842-1887) Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Real name was Ii Konosuke (伊井考之助). Studied Japanese classical literature and Dutch studies. Studied under YOKOYAMA Matsusaburo in 1868 and later under SHIMOOKA Renjo. Opened two photo studios in Asakusa, Tokyo in 1871.

He placed exercise machines in one of the studios to bring in customers. HIs company's name was Heburai. Photographed traditional historical costumes in 1872 which were well received.

In 1873, invented a technique to prevent color tone changes in prints. Also succeeded in night photography the same year.

In 1875, purchased photographer UCHIDA Kuichi's residence upon Uchida's death and named it Kyu-Uchida-sha.

Sold medical photographs (microscopic images of human anatomy) in 1876.

Taught photography once a month at his studio from 1876 based on Western books on photography. Female photographer HANAWA Yoshino and FUTAMI Asama were among his students.

Avid researcher on chemistry and invented a variety of things that he wrote about in photography magazines. Closed his studios in 1885, two years before his death. (2000.12.15)