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IWAMIYA Takeji 岩宮 武二 (1920 - 1989.6.29) Yonago, Tottori Pref.

Photographer of things Japanese.

Education Graduated Yonago Commerce and Sericulture School in 1937.

Career Served in the military in Manchuria, China 1941-1946. Settled in Osaka after returning to Japan and became a freelance photographer. Got interested in Kyoto's historical sites and things Japanese.

Established Iwamiya Fotos in 1955. Solo photo exhibition "Hawaii" in Osaka and Tokyo in 1960. Became a professor at Osaka Univ. of Art (Osaka Geijutsu Daigaku) in 1966.

Worked with HORIUCHI Hatsutaro. Traveled widely overseas. Commissioned by UNESCO to photograph Buddhist statues in 1972. Published many photo books on things Japanese and his overseas trips. His Web site shows many photos of Buddhist images and things Japanese.

Awards Mainichi Art Award, 1966; Minister of Education Award, 1969.

Sample photos https://fujifilmsquare.jp/profile/takeji_iwamiya.html