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HIRAMA Itaru 平間 至 (1963- ) Miyagi Pref. Graduated Nihon Univ. majoring in photography. Lived in New York, then worked as an assistant to IZIMA Kaoru in Tokyo. Went freelance in 1990.

Won popular recognition for solo exhibition "Motor Drive" at Shibuya Parco Gallery in 1995. In 1997, "Ambient Hawaii" exhibition also at Parco.

Work has centered on editorial photos for music magazines like Rockin' On Japan, CD jackets for pop singers, and advertising. Popular photographer among celebrities, especially singers. Also helps out his father who operates a portrait studio back home. (2002.6.25)

Official site: http://www.itarujet.com


帰国後、カメラマン伊島薫氏のアシスタントを経て1990年独立。以後、ROCKIN' ON JAPAN, CUTなどエディトリアルの写真を出発点に、広告やCDジャケット写真を中心に幅広く活動。

(www.itarujet.com より)