HAYASAKI, Osamu 早崎 治 (1933-1993.11.11) Kyoto. Graduated from Ritsumeikan Univ. in Kyoto, 1958. Worked for Light Publicity Co. in 1959. Numerous awards for advertising and calendar work. Established his own office in 1966. Became president of the Japan Advertising Photographers' Association (APA) in 1992.

Best known for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics poster (dramatically depicting track runners at the start line) and Osaka Expo '70 publicity poster. He could never shake off the label of "the person who photographed the Tokyo Olympics poster shot." (Since large strobes were still unavailable, he used 50 small flash units for the shot.) The shot was that impactful and memorable (shown on the right). A leading advertising photographer since the 1970s (Japan's golden age of advertising photography).

Untimely death due to a fall during a photo shoot on a lighthouse in Niigata Pref. His camera was pointed toward the Sea of Japan, probably for ocean sunset shots. Around the time of his death, he decided on photographing the scenery of Japan as his life work.

Awards: Asahi Advertising Award, 1960; Mainichi Advertising Award, 1960; Italian Poster Exhibition Grand Prix, 1960.