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ESAKI, Reiji 江崎 禮二 (1845-1910) Esaki-cho, Gifu Pref.

Student of SHIMOOKA Renjo in 1871. Opened a photo studio in Tokyo the same year, and moved to Asakusa the following year to become one of Tokyo's top portrait studios during the late 19th century. He is the first Japanese photographer to use dry plate negatives which he imported in 1883 and made him a "quick photographer."

Also well-known for his photograph of a torpedo explosion in the Sumida River in 1883. Suceeded in photographing fireworks in 1889. Another famous work is a photo collage of 1,700 babies created in 1893. Also served as a politician in the Asakusa Ward Council and Tokyo City Council. (2000.12.15)