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Review of Commercial Photo magazine コマーシャルフォト. Contains information on almost all aspects of professional and commercial photography in Japan.

Reviewed on: July 26, 1999 Last modified: 2005-04-03 Published: Monthly on the 1st Publisher: Genkosha Price in Japan: ¥1,500 or less Size: A4, 300 pp. Language: Japanese

This is Japan's leading magazine for pro photographers and TV commercial producers. It is widely read by pro photographers in Japan. It includes pictorials by commercial photographers, equipment reviews, pro photographer techniques, TV commercial reviews and techniques, book reviews, supplemental directories such as a stock photo agency directory, rental studio directory, and pro photographer directory issued annually in different months with the magazine.

Besides the useful supplemental directories (which affects the magazine's price), there are many want ads in the back of the magazine looking for pro photographers and assistants. It's a good way to try and find a job as a photographer in Japan (if you speak Japanese). Also, if you are a pro photographer looking for an assistant, you can put in an ad in the classified section. The pictorials by pro photographers are always stunning. See the magazine's Japanese Web site here.