Aburahi Station


Aburahi Station (油日駅) is a JR train station in Koka, Shiga Prefecture on the Kusatsu Line operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West).

Rebuilt in March 2002, Aburahi Station has a striking exterior design and a warm, welcoming interior made of wood. The exterior reminds me of the top of a samurai helmet, but the building was actually designed to be a ninja house. But that can’t be right since a real ninja house looked like any other house. (Ninja didn’t advertise that they were ninja.)

Well, the round windows have a shuriken (throwing knife) design. The station also has rental bicycles. Shiga’s southernmost train station next to the prefectural border with Mie Prefecture.

Elevator: No (Ramp) | Escalator: No | Accessible toilet: Yes | Staffed: Yes | Lockers: No | Tourist info staff: No | Rental bicycles: Yes

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