INA Nobuo

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INA Nobuo 伊奈 信男 (1898-1978) Matsuyama, Ehime Pref. Was a noted photo critic. The Nikon Salon's annual Ina Nobuo Award is named after him.

Education Graduated from Univ. of Tokyo and started a career as a photo critic in 1932.

Career A pioneering contemporary photo critic through a magazine called Koga (Light Image). Advocated that photography's uniqueness centered on the mechanical aspects. This idea became a major influence on contemporary Japanese photography at the time.

Continued as a photo critic for other magazines. After WWII, wrote about the history of photography. Became the honorary director of the Nikon Salon. The Nikon Salon's annual Ina Nobuo Award is given to the photographer judged to have had the best exhibition of the year at the Nikon Salon photo gallery.

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