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Taga, Shiga (多賀町; Taga-chō)
Taga Taisha Taga Matsuri More Taga photos here.
Map of Shiga with Taga highlighted
Google Map of Taga here.
Location Shiga Prefecture, Kinki region, Honshu island, JAPAN  
Population 7,531 (20 foreigners) (2014-06-01)
Area 135.93 km²
Town Centers Taga Taisha 
Major Sights Taga Taisha Shrine 
Major Gateways Taga Taisha-mae Station 
Train Stations Taga Taisha-mae Station 
Claim to Fame Taga Taisha Shrine
Products Ito-kiri mochi 糸切餅
Neighbors Hikone, Kora-cho, Aisho-cho, Maibara, Higashi-Omi, Inabe (Mie), Ogaki (Gifu) 
Old Name(s)
Keywords Taga Taisha
Historical Persons Izanagi, Izanami (Shinto god)
Links Taga Articles | Taga Photos
Taga Tourist Information
Location Same as town hall.
Phone 0749-48-2361 
Tourist Links Taga Tourism  
Int'l Association  
Volunteer Guides Tel:  
Taga Town Hall 多賀町役場
Address 〒522-0341滋賀県犬上郡多賀町多賀324

Taga 324, Taga-cho, Inukami-gun, Shiga 522-0341 JAPAN

Phone/Fax 0749-48-8111 
Official Site Japanese |  
Symbols Flower:  Lilium japonicum ササユリ
Tree:  Japanese Cedar スギ
Bird:  Japanese Bush Warbler ウグイス
Others:  enter
Logo:  [[Image:|50px|]]
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by Philbert Ono

Taga (多賀町; Taga-chō) is a town in eastern Shiga Prefecture.

Rural town next to Hikone and best-known for Taga Taisha Shrine, Shiga's most popular shrine, especially during New Year's and early Aug. Meaning "Many Felicitations," Taga is perhaps Shiga's most auspicious municipality name.

Amazing to see such major festivals for such a small town. It will make you want to visit the town again and again.


thumb_tg411-20140101-0119.jpg thumb_tg427-20140101-0173.jpg thumb_037-IMG_7445.jpg
Taga Taisha on New Year's Taga Taisha New Year's dance Lantern Festival
thumb_ts020-20090203_2416.jpg thumb_tm059-20090422_4780.jpg thumb_ta058-20080601_5588.jpg
Taga Taisha Setsubun Taga Matsuri Taga Taisha Rice-Planting Festival

  • Kawachi Fuketsu Cavern 河内の風穴] - Cavern with a small entrance, but large interior made of coal. Takes 15-30 min. to see 200 meters of the cavern which stretches on for 6,800 meters. Average temperature of 12 C even in summer. Admission 500 yen. Accessible by car, 20 min. from town. Map
  • Kirin Beer Shiga Factory - Free factory tours (70 min. or 90 min.) of the brewery are held. Two tours are available: One for beer (beer tasting at the end of the tour) and the other is for bottled tea (lemon tea, milk tea). For tour times and reservations, call in Japanese 0749-48-2810. Closed on Sun., Mon., and national holidays. From Minami Hikone Station, it takes 10 min. by bus. Get off at Kirin Beer-mae and enter through the Seimon Gate (正門). Or walk 15 min. from Ohmi Railways Screen Station. Website | Map

Event Calendar

  • Feb. 3: Taga Taisha Setsubun Festival 多賀大社 節分祭 - It marks the beginning of spring according to the lunar calendar. So they throw beans at ogre to eliminate the evil of the previous year and bring in good fortune. On Feb. 3, 2009, Taga Taisha had an impressive ogre (called oni in Japanese) dancers from Shimane Prefecture to act as the demons to chase away during the festival. Map
  • April 22: Taga Matsuri 多賀まつり - A long procession featuring Shinto priests, children in costume, women warriors, and more people on 40 horses. A total of 500 people were in the procession. There is a morning procession from Taga Taisha to Totonomiya Shrine deep in Taga's countryside, and an afternoon (main) procession going to the Otabisho, a short distance away from Taga Taisha. Map
  • 1st Sun. in June - Taga Taisha Rice-Planting Festival 多賀大社御田植祭 - Held annually on the first Sunday in June, the Taga Taisha O-taue Matsuri rice-planting festival has 70 local junior high school girls planting rice in the shrine's sacred rice paddy. There's also a stage for ceremonial performances and rituals. A ceremony starts at 1 pm at the shrine, then the rice planting starts at the nearby sacred rice paddy at 2 pm. Map
  • Aug. 3-5 - Taga Taisha Mantosai Lantern Festival 多賀大社万燈祭 or 10,000-Lantern Festival is a night festival when numerous lanterns are lit within the shrine grounds. The lanterns are for the repose of ancestral spirits. Various sacred dances and entertainment are also held nightly during the festival. Map

Travel Tips

  • Taga Taisha is a 10-min. walk from the train station. Some shops and restaurants line the road in front of the shrine.
  • Taga is famous for kiri-mochi which are kochi with pin stripes. A number of different shops sell them.

Getting There

By Train Taga has only one train station, Taga Taisha-mae Station on the Ohmi Railways. When coming from Maibara Station or Yokaichi Station, you might have to transfer trains at Takamiya Station.

Train Lines & Stations

Travel Time

By Bus

Nearest Airports

Getting Around

To Taga Taisha Shrine, you can walk from the train station. For other places, catch a taxi from the train station. Buses leave infrequently.


Placemarks in Google Maps are in English. Click on upper right icon to enlarge.


ts026-20090203_2436.jpg tm173-20090422_5210.jpg
Taga Taisha Setsubun Taga Matsuri
ta051-20080601_5528.jpg 049-IMG_7521.jpg
Rice-planting Festival Dragon Dance

More photos at Taga Photos. More Shiga photos here.


Click on the video to start playing it.

More Shiga videos here.

Side Trips

Other sights in neighboring cities/towns within easy reach from Taga.

  • Hikone


  • 1914 - Ohmi Railways open rail link between Takamiya Station and Taga Station.
  • 1941 - Town founded upon the merger of Taga village and two other villages.
  • 1955 - Town merges with two other villages to form the town as it is today.

Additional Reading

More Taga News here.



  • Taga is blessed with factories of leading companies, contributing to about 30 percent of the town's tax revenue.

Famous People

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