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Shin-Yokaichi Station

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Shin-Yokaichi Station (新八日市駅) is an Ohmi Railways train station in Higashiomi, Shiga Prefecture on the Ohmi Railways Yokaichi Line running between Omi-Hachiman Station and Yokaichi Station.

Shiga’s oldest train station buildings are on the Ohmi Railways, and Shin-Yokaichi Station is one of them. It’s a Western-style, two-story wooden building built in 1913. The second floor is closed to the public due to old age. It originally housed the Konan Railway company’s head office (湖南鉄道). Konan Railway originally operated the railway between Yokaichi and Omi-Hachiman before it merged with another company that later merged with Ohmi Railways. Tourists don’t normally get off at this station since most attractions are at the next stop, Yokaichi Station.

Elevator: No | Ramp: No | Escalator: No | Accessible toilet: No | Staffed: No | Lockers: No | Tourist info staff: No

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