PhotoLabs in Japan

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Last updated: Feb. 3, 2018

Compiled by Philbert Ono

This is a list of pro photo labs in Japan where you can process film, make professional photo prints, and scan slides and negatives. The number of pro labs have shrunk quite a bit during recent years.


Note that Horiuchi Color does not process film anymore. They digitize film images, make prints, and do digital retouching.

Horiuchi Color - Aoyama

Address: 東京都渋谷区神宮前3-41-6

Jingumae 3-41-6



Phone: (03) 3479-5351

Fax: (03) 3479-5490


Web Site:

Hours: M-F 9:00-19:00, 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sat. 9:00-17:00, 2nd and 4th Sat. 9:00-12:00 pickup only, closed Sun.

Other Info: Aoyama branch of this leading pro lab chain. Also houses the Digital Imaging Center and Archive Support Center.

Japan Near Gaienmae Station (Ginza subway line). Map:

Horiuchi Color - Kanda

Address: 東京都千代田区神田小川町2-6-14

Kanda Ogawamachi 2-6-14



Phone: (03) 3295-2191

Fax: (03) 3295-0710


Web Site:

Hours: M-F 9:00-19:00, 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sat. 9:00-17:00, 2nd and 4th Sat. 9:00-12:00 pickup only, closed Sun.

Other Info: Kanda branch of this leading pro lab chain.

Japan Near Ogawamachi Station (Toei Shinjuku subway line) and Ochanomizu Station (JR and Marunouchi Lines). Map:

Horiuchi Color - Suginami (Tokyo)

Address: 東京都杉並区和田1-6-7

1-6-7 Wada



Phone: (03) 3383-3321

Fax: (03) 3382-7493


Web Site:

Hours: M-F 9:00-19:00, 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sat. 9:00-17:00, 2nd and 4th Sat. 9:00-12:00 pickup only, closed Sun.

Other Info: Main office of this pro lab chain.

Japan Near Nakano Fujimi-cho Station (Marunouchi subway line). Map:

National Photo / Mono Lab National

Address: 東京都渋谷区神宮前6-13-11 NPビル

NP Bldg., Jingumae 6-13-11



Phone: (03) 3486-7761

Fax: (03) 3797-6337

Web Site:

Hours: 9:30-18:30 (till 17:00 on Sat.), closed Sun. and national holidays

Other Info: Pro B/W lab. Also processes normal color film and rents camera equipment.

Japan Near Jingumae Station on Chiyoda subway line.

Pro-Lab Create - Ginza

Address: 〒104-0061東京都中央区銀座1丁目2-4 サクセス銀座ファーストビル4F

Success Ginza First Bldg. 4th floor, Ginza 1-2-4

Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Japan 104-0061

Phone: (03) 3538-9822

FAX:(03) 3567-0039

Web Site:

Hours: 10:30-19:00 (11:00–17:00 on weekends and national holidays), closed year end and New Year's

Other Info: Processes film. Uses Fuji Film chemicals and products. Near Kyobashi Station.

Shashin Kosha 写真引社

Address: 東京都中央区銀座2-9-14 銀座サービスセンター

Ginza Service Center (PhotoArt Ginza)

Ginza 2-9-1 Chuo-ku, Tokyo

JAPAN 104-0061

Phone: (03) 3561-6109 (Ginza Service Center)

Fax: (03) 3563-0372 (Ginza Service Center

東京都千代田区鍛冶町2-8-9 神田サービスセンター

Kanda Service Center

Kajicho 2-8-9

Japan 101-0044

Phone: (03) 3254-3521 (Kanda Service Station)

Fax: (03) 3254-3583 (Kanda Service Station)

Web Site:

Hours: Unknown

Other Info: Besides film processing and printing, they offer print matting/mounting and other services. There are two stores: Ginza Service Center is near Ginza subway station and Ginza Itchome Station. Kanda Service Center near JR Kanda Station.


Address: 東京都新宿区中井2-7-24

Japan 2-7-24 Nakai



Phone: 03-3953-1918

Fax: 03-3953-9027

Web Site:

Hours: M-F 10:00-19:00

Other Info: Services: B+W processing / printing, C type prints, Platinum+Palladium Prints, Alternative Photographic Processes

Near Nakai station on the Oedo and Seibu-Shinjuku lines, 5-minute walk.


Horiuchi Color - Osaka

Address: 大阪府大阪市北区万歳町3-17

Banzai-cho 3-17

Japan 530-0028

Phone: (06) 6313-2351

Fax: (06) 6313-3575


Web Site:

Hours: M-F 9:00-18:00, 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sat. 9:00-17:00, closed on 2nd and 4th Sat. and Sun.

Other Info: Osaka branch and head office of this leading pro lab chain. It also houses the Archive Support Center and Osaka Media Center.

Near Nakazaki-cho Station (Tanimachi subway line). Also walkable from JR Osaka Station East Exit. Map:

Pro-Lab Create - Osaka

Closed on March 30, 2018.

Central Japan

Horiuchi Color - Nagoya

Address: 愛知県名古屋市中区錦1-11-20

Nishiki 1-11-20, Naka-ku

Japan 460-0003

Phone: (052) 211-6151

Fax: (052) 204-0374


Web Site:

Hours: M-F 9:00-18:00, 1st and 5th Sat. 9:00-17:00, closed Sun.

Other Info: Nagoya branch of this leading pro lab chain.

Near Fushimi Station (Higashiyama subway line).


  • Which pro labs are the best?

In Tokyo, Horiuchi Color and Pro Lab Create (which uses Fuji Film materials) are among the most patronized professional labs, especially in Tokyo. They have branches in other Japanese cities.

Anybody can use these pro labs, not only pro photographers. However, Horiuchi Color no longer processes film. If you want your film or print to be processed to exact specifications, use a pro lab. Most of these labs also offer digital imaging services.

  • Where can I process film in Japan?

In Tokyo, only a handful of pro labs still process film. They include Pro Lab Create in Ginza and National Photo.

  • What about other pro labs besides those listed in PhotoLabs?

Of course there are more pro labs than you see in the PhotoLabs listings.

  • How do I communicate in Japanese at a pro lab or photofinisher?

See PhotoJapanese and PhotoWords. It teaches basic phrases and vocabulary that will come in handy when you deal with the lab or photofinisher. They include print sizes (5 x 7, 8 x 10, etc.).