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OHARA Ken 小原 健 (1942- ) Best known for his book, One, featuring 500 close-up human faces photographed in New York. Published in 1970 and recently re-issued.

Education Studied photography at Nihon Univ. 1961-62 but dropped out. Moved to New York in 1962. Studied at Art Students League, New York 1963-66.

Career Assistant at Richard Avedon Studios and Hiro Studio 1966-70. Freelance photographer for Harper's Bazaar. Traveled around Africa 1971-72.

Married Cora Lee Macevoy in 1974. Received Guggenheim Memorial Foundation fellowship in photography 1974-75. Producer and Technical Director at Menken and Seltzer Studios Inc. in New York 1978-82.

Operated Ohara Studio Inc.in New York and Los Angeles 1983-91. Moved to Glendale, California in 1988.

Book reviews One