Hikone-guchi Station

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Hikoneguchi Station (彦根口駅 Hikoneguchi-eki) is an Ohmi Railways train station in Hikone, Shiga Prefecture on the Ohmi Railways Main Line (Honsen 本線) running between Maibara Station and Kibukawa Station.

Unless you live near here, it’s unlikely that you would ever get off here and see this nostalgic and homely train station. When you enter the station building, which has a surprisingly large floor space like a dance hall, it’s like you’re back in the 1930s. The simple wicket, long wooden benches, and the whole feel of the place had me imagining what it was like in the old days.

Although it almost looks like a condemned building, I hope they keep it for as long as possible. But there doesn’t seem to be any toilets in the station. The front wall even has a sign saying, “No urinating” (for men). The toilets were removed some time ago due to old age.

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Hikoneguchi Station Inside Hikoneguchi Station

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