GOCHO Shigeo

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GOCHO Shigeo 牛腸 茂雄 (1946-1983) Niigata Pref. At age 4, suffered from caries of the thoracic vertebrae. Physically weak since childhood.

Moved to Tokyo in 1965 and studied at the Kuwasawa Design School where he met OTSUJI Kiyoji who persuaded him to take up photography. Graduated in 1968 and his photos were first published in Camera Mainichi magazine in the same year.

Produced photo book Days in 1971 and Self and Others in 1977. Also became a prominent graphic designer.

Sample photos https://fujifilmsquare.jp/profile/shigeo_gochou.html

Biography in Japanese

1946年新潟県加茂市生まれ。桑沢デザイン研究所写真科卒業。建築事務所などで働きながら、個展で写真を発表。また写真集『日々』(関口正夫との共著)『SELF AND OTHERS』(日本写真協会新人賞受賞)『見慣れた街のなかで』を自費出版。ほかインクブロットによる作品集『扉をあけると』を刊行。1983年心不全で死去。90年代に写真評論家飯沢耕太郎らの注目により、静かな再評価がはじまる。 (新潟絵屋より)