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Shiga Prefecture

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AreaRank = 38<sup>th</sup> |
PCWater = 14.0 |
PopDate = OctJan. 1, 2015 2019 | Population = 1,413420,184 080 |
PopRank = 31<sup>st</sup> |
Density = 332 |
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by [[Philbert Ono]]
'''Shiga Prefecture''' (滋賀県; ''Shiga-ken'') is one of the [ 47 prefectures] of Japan, located next to [[Kyoto Prefecture]] in the [[Kinki]] (Kansai) Region on Japan's largest island of [[Honshu]]. A prefecture is like a U.S. state with its own locally-elected governor and legislature. Each prefecture consists of municipalities that are designated as cities, towns, or villages depending on the population level. Shiga has currently has 13 cities, 6 towns, and no villages. The capital city is [[Otsu, Shiga|Otsu]] in southern Shiga adjacent to the city of Kyoto in neighboring Kyoto Prefecture. Shiga's population is about 1.4 42 million (as of Jan. 1, 2019, including 29,274 foreigners) in an area larger than Tokyo.
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