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Most viewed - Mamasan Guhoji Temple 真間山 弘法寺
Going down the steps from Guhoji Temple. In the distance, The Towers West skyscraper is visible. The road ahead goes all the way to JR Ichikawa Station.3 views
"Mamasan" is the temple's mountain name. Not the same as a mama-san operating a Japanese bar. Photo shows Mama no Tsughihashi Bridge leading to the steps going up to Guhoji Temple on a wooded hill. 真間の継橋2 views
Niomon Gate at the top of the steps, Guhoji's front gate. The two columns house a pair of Nio kings considered to be the protectors of the temple. 仁王門1 views
After Niomon Gate, this is the first building you see, Soshido Hall dedicated to Nichiren, founder of the Nichiren Buddhist sect. Reconstructed in 2010 on the 700th anniversary of Nichiren's death. 祖師堂 1 viewsThere are other temple buildings spread out on the hill.
In spring, Guhoji's 400-year-old weeping cherry blossom tree is famous. 伏姫桜1 views
Guhoji's 400-year-old weeping cherry blossom tree is named "Fushihime Sakura." 伏姫桜1 views
Mama River empties into Edogawa River. We later walked along Edogawa River toward Konodai Station on the Keisei Line.1 views
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