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The Wedded Rocks are part of Futami Okitama Shrine known for frog sculptures. 二見興玉神社
The shrine is dedicated to Sarutahiko and Ukano-mitama. Sarutahiko is a god which serves as a pathfinder guide. Deities for land/sea transportation safety. 二見
The frog is Sarutahiko's messenger. Frog is called "kaeru" in Japanese, which is a homonym for the another word meaning "return home." If you travel a lot, pray here for a safe return. 夫婦岩
Base of giant Jizo statue
Base of giant Jizo statue and frogs. Buy a frog for 1,000 yen and write your name and age on it and place it here. 身代わり蛙
One eye is closed. For people with eye or vision/health problems, the frogs are trying to take their place and bear the problem while the Jizo is to give blessings to the person. 身代わり蛙
Frog is "Kaeru" which means to "return." A popular ornament at house entrances (exits) and gardens.
This frog will supposedly have your money "returned."
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