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Outdoor toilet 野外のトイレ1 comments01/05/06 at 05:57Guest_Anonyymi: Ulkohuussi
Old tree bark1 comments10/31/05 at 11:13A Finn: Birch trees.
MushroomProbably not edible.1 comments10/31/05 at 11:13A Finn: Looks edible - perhaps a 'kangasrousku'.
Fallen treeYou see fallen trees everywhere in the forest. Instead of being cleared away, they are left on the ground where they rot and host new life such as moss and lichens.

Finland has a lot of dead or half-dead trees too with wilted branches and no leaves. This is something we don't see so much in Japan. Most trees are cut down and hauled away for lumber before they die.

1 comments10/31/05 at 11:08A Finn: Some of the Finnish old-growth forests are protect...
Not a well1 comments10/31/05 at 11:03A Finn: This is a typical water well and a hoist with a co...
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