JAPAN PHOTOS by Philbert Ono

*Due to COVID-19, traveling to and within Japan is currently being discouraged.

Last comments - KANAGAWA 神奈川県
1 comments01/19/13 at 18:00Guest_Eric hodge: Harry cardoza and i made the independence sign dur...
Japanese belly dancers at Noge Daidogei in Yokohama.1 comments12/23/11 at 16:19Guest_Chin: Nice
Prayers for a child written on these votive tablets (ema)1 comments07/11/11 at 12:23Guest_Patrick Drazen: The child on the plaques is from one of Japan'...
Elizabeth portable shrine was donated by a drag queen club called Elizabeth Kaikan in Kameido, Tokyo.There are three portable shrines (called mikoshi). The Kanamara mikoshi (the original portable shrine), Kanamara-bune mikoshi (shaped like a boat), and Elizabeth mikoshi (pink giant). All three are carried during a procession around town. The Elizabeth mikoshi is carried by she-males. ("New half" in Japanese. Go ahead and laugh if you want.)1 comments07/11/11 at 11:54Guest_Patrick Drazen: That painting in front--that's a cartoon of t...
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