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Honolulu Advertiser newspaper from Hawaii featuring a photo of a ninja from Koka who performed at Ala Moana Shopping Center in 1990.01/23/12 at 10:17Guest_Taeko: Great!!!
Ninja looked at a cat's eyes to find out what time it was. If the iris was almost closed, it was noon. If dilated, it was late at night. Must've been troublesome to find and snatch a cat to find out what time it was.01/23/12 at 10:11Guest_Taeko: I felt fantastic and intelligent, ninjas know the ...
Ninja house attic showing the thatched roof.01/23/12 at 10:09Guest_Taeko: I suppose that the ninjas were solitary
Hearth with a escape hatch at the bottom. A tour guide shows you the gimmicks of the house.01/23/12 at 10:06Guest_Taeko: we talked and took pictures with him too
The Ninja house was built in 1842. There is a guide (dressed in ninja costume) inside to show you around.01/23/12 at 10:05Guest_Taeko: ninja house is fantastic, I loved a lot. the nijas...
Shinobi Shrine has a statue of Daikokuten, one of the seven gods of good fortune. He is worshipped for good marriage, food, and prosperity. Made during the early Edo Period, it's Japan's largest wooden statue of Daikokuten. 大黒天01/23/12 at 10:00Guest_Taeko: I went this fantastic place with my italian friend...
Going through the trap door.12/29/10 at 23:14Guest_manu: Naruto ninja girl ^^
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