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Scavi ScaligeriMedieval palace and archaeological ruins. It has been well-preserved and restored as a huge exhibition space called the Scavi Scaligeri International Centre of Photography. The Fnac Collection photo exhibition was being held when we were there.
Entrance to Fnac photo exhibition at Scavi ScaligeriThis large exhibition included works by a few Japanese photographers such as Eikoh Hosoe, Takeyoshi Tanuma, and Yoshihiro Tatsuki.
Scavi Scaligeri exhibition roomThe archaeological ruins of the building have been beautifully integrated with the modern exhibition space.
Gateway to Verona
Main plaza near the arena
Verona ArenaIt looks smaller than the Rome Coliseum, but what a surprise it was when we went inside.
Inside the Verona ArenaIt was huge. Here, they are preparing the set for one of the nighttime operas (Aida) held in July.
Romeo and Juliette tunnelBefore proceeding to the balcony made famous by Romeo and Juliette, people can write their love messages.
Romeo and Juliette balcony
Statue of JuliettePeople lined up to pose with the statue with one hand covering her right breast.
Room adjacent to the balconyThis is the room attached to the famous balcony that anyone can enter. Note that the tourists are always photographing the balcony, so if you're standing there, you'll end up in the pictures taken by all those tourists.
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