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World Baseball Classic 2009


The 2nd World Baseball Classic's Asia Round was held in March 2009. This game was between Korea and China on March 8, 2009 at Tokyo Dome.

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World Baseball Classic 2006


The first WBC game in the Asia Round kicked off on March 3, 2006 at Tokyo Dome. In the second game that day, Japan played and defeated its first opponent, China. The main attraction was Ichiro.

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2002 FIFA World Cup in Japan ワールドカップ


Pictures of fans attending the 2002 World Cup soccer games in Osaka, Kobe, Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa (Brazil vs. England on on June 21, 2002), and the final match at International Stadium in Yokohama on June 30, 2002 (Brazil vs. Germany). Photos taken by Kjeld Duits, Mariko Hinaga, and Philbert Ono.

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Rowing レガッタ


Photos of competitive college rowers at major rowing races, especially at Lake Biwa.

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