Ooohhh, ecstasy...

Nah, just joking. She was actually just embarassed and spontaneously covered her face with a giggle. Obviously I have better shots of her with her cute face showing, but I'm not one to embarass people... Boy, I wish I took a video clip of this scene.

Actually, what happened is that a guy sat on this black penis before she did, and she saw that. So she imitated and sat on it too. Her female friend was taking her picture. Later they switched places and her friend, who was wearing a skirt and red net stockings, sat on it and posed for pictures.

Notice the zigzag white paper streamers. They indicate something which is sacred. So this penis is sacred, possessing a divine spirit. I can believe this because it draws so many people to it. It definitely has divine power. I mean it made this girl sit on it right?

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