A large vat (sukifune) filled with washi fibers floating evenly in the water. The fibers are mixed in with a plant-based adhesive so they don't sink to the bottom and they also cling together to make the paper.

A wooden mold (keta 桁) to make eight postcards on the right. Kurotani washi bills itself as Japan's strongest paper. In the 1920s, Kurotani washi was tested for strength and was declared the strongest washi in Japan. I was told Kurotani's kozo has longer fibers than other species so the paper is stronger.

kc211-20181022-0361.jpg kc255-20181022-0445.jpg kc254-20181022-0443.jpg kc257-20181022-0383.jpg kc263-20181022-0405.jpg kc265-20181022_2370a.jpg kc267-20181022-0417.jpg

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