Near Rokkakudo Pavilion on the Izura coast is Itsuura Kanko Hotel (五浦観光ホテル), pictured here on the cliffs. This was our hotel for the night. It had prime views of the coast.

The hotel was high enough on the cliff to escape the five-meter-high tsunami on March 11, 2011. The hotel suffered only minor damage from the earthquake. The ground is very solid here, so quake damage was minimal.

Note that the hotel's name is pronounced "Itsuura" while the coast is "Izura." (Kanji characters are the same.)

ir407-20190228-2895.jpg ir406-20190228-2926ItsuuraKankoHotel.jpg ir405-20190227-1396.jpg ir400-20190227-1353.jpg ir404-20190227-1390.jpg ir403-20190228-2916.jpg ir402-20190227-1392.jpg

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