Pair of Geisha, autographed. One of my most treasured cards. This card was signed (on the chest area) by these two geisha with a fountain pen. Several other geisha also signed the back of the card. (See the next image.)

gw021-BIJIN4.jpg gw010-BIJIN1.jpg gm012-MAI3.jpg gm010-MAI1.jpg gm013-MAI15.jpg gm014-MAI10.jpg gm014-MAI10.jpg

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philbert   [Sep 19, 2008 at 02:37 AM]
From: (Jan 16, 2005 23:13)
What's the difference between Geisha and Maiko? Have you ever heard of Yujo from Edo/Old Japan? Do you know if they cioncide?

From: (Jun 24, 2005 00:41)
korewa, kawaii to subarashi desu...Mr. Ono, thank you sincerely, for allowing to save this image. This is one of the most beautiful images I have seen in my life of geisha pictures. I will also keep it as a treasure. Arigatou gozaimasu, Ono-san. D.

From: (Apr 16, 2006 14:11)
A maiko is an apprentice geisha. Yuujo, if I'm not mistaken is the term for a woman of pleasure or prostitute. Geisha were not Yuujo.

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