Geisha and maiko

Not a good photo, but their names are written in hiragana on the back. They read "Suimatsu" on the left and "Shigezuru" on the right who is a maiko, not geisha. She has more ornaments in her hair than the geisha. Also notice their blackened teeth. If they are in Kyoto, a geisha is called "geiko." In Tokyo, a maiko (apprentice geisha) is called "hangyoku." This is a postcard-size photo and not a postcard.

gw020-BIJIN5.jpg gw021-BIJIN4.jpg gw010-BIJIN1.jpg gm012-MAI3.jpg gm010-MAI1.jpg gm013-MAI15.jpg gm014-MAI10.jpg

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philbert   [Sep 19, 2008 at 03:39 AM]
From: (Jul 23, 2004 11:17)
why are the teeth blackened?

From: karen (Dec 28, 2005 16:58)
I have been to this site before but never wrote but i think these are all very pretty but this one is one of my favorites, the girl on the left is very pretty i mean im not dissing the other one but she just looks like she belongs in that photograph if you know what i mean. i think the one on the right is a maiko and geisha on the left. sorry if im wrong.

From: karen (Jan 06, 2006 20:43)
the teeth were usually blackened because it meant high class or something like that.

From: person who knows (Apr 27, 2006 18:21)
the teeth were blackened a week before and a week after a maiko becomes a geisha (it was a popular trend back in ancient times lol)

From: EasilyConfused (Dec 06, 2006 18:35)
I'm doing a school project on Japan (due in a few months, lol) and I've looked and looked but I still can't figure out, what exactly is the difference between a geisha and a maiko? I mean other than dress.
can you help me?

From: (Jan 20, 2007 21:39)

This website should help you with the differences between Geisha and Maiko

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