During July-Aug. 2007, I helped to make the Yokaichi giant kite at the annex of the Yokaichi Giant Kite Museum.where the giant kite is made. Every three years, the giant kite, flown every May in Higashi-Omi, is replaced by a new kite bearing a new design.

The new kite was made during July-Aug. 2007, taking about 30 days. The kite is made by volunteers from the public under the instruction of the Yokaichi Giant Kite Preservation Society. For the first time, I helped make this giant kite which was first flown successsfully on May 25, 2008 at the annual kite festival.

010-IMG_6104.jpg 011-IMG_6029.jpg 012-IMG_0970.jpg 013-IMG_6036.jpg 014-IMG_6042.jpg 015-IMG_6045.jpg 016-IMG_0994.jpg

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