Tokyo Marathon 2012

The old and new towers running together at Tokyo Marathon today among 36,000 runners. The red Tokyo Tower was built in 1958 and it’s now too short for broadcast antennas. The new, mega-tower Tokyo Sky Tree will be almost twice as high at 634 meters. Even before it opens in May, hordes of tourists have been visiting the tower’s foot and gawking.

ATM scam prevention poster

This is a poster near a bank’s ATM near Yokosuka. It has Yokozuna Hakuho saying, “Do not transfer money” or “Furikomanaide” in reference to the so-called “furikome sagi” (振り込め詐欺) or bank transfer fraud which has been rampant for years.

A mother or grandmother receives a call from someone disguised as a son or other close relative saying that he was involved in an accident, etc., and needs a large amount of money right away. He gives his bank account info and the mom would rush to the bank and transfer the money.

Incredible how gullible people can be. But social scientists have identified the human psychological factors which the fraudsters successfully play on victims to send money.

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