Update: Due to the postponement of Tokyo 2020, all test events in 2020 have been canceled or postponed. Video above mainly shows test events held in 2019.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic test events are being held to test the sports procedures, venue, equipment, systems, athletes, staff, and volunteers for Tokyo 2020. If you happen to be in Tokyo during a test event, it’s a great opportunity to see an Olympic/Paralympic sport, venue, and world-class athletes. Admission is also free or cheap. Be aware that not all test events are open to the public.

Although the Tokyo 2020 official website lists the test event schedule in English, it does not say which events are open to the public. So I made the following list of Olympic and Paralympic test events that will be open to the public. Test events in 2020 include football/soccer, boccia, wheelchair rugby, artistic gymnastics, water polo, diving, volleyball, rugby sevens, artistic/synchronized swimming, paralympic athletics, and track athletics. Detailed event and ticket information is in Japanese only. Tickets can be purchased at ticketing terminals in major convenience stores in Japan. You should know the P-code or L-code. You can also buy tickets at the door, but they will be more expensive. Popular sports (like gymnastics) might also be sold out. If you need assistance to buy tickets in Japan, feel free to contact me. Sorry, but I cannot help anyone who will not be in Japan to purchase tickets.

Note: Due to coronavirus fears, test events may be canceled, postponed, or disallow spectators.

1 Jan. 2020 – Football/soccer
Emperor’s Cup JFA 99th Japan Football Championship, Olympic Stadium – Japan Football Association, Admission charged.
天皇杯 JFA 第99回全日本サッカー選手権大会

28 Feb.-1 Mar. 2020 – Boccia [POSTPONED due to coronavirus.]
2020 Japan Para Championships BOCCIA, Ariake Gymnastics Centre – Japanese Para-Sports Association, Free admission.

12-15 Mar. 2020 – Wheelchair rugby [CANCELLED]
2020 Japan Para Wheelchair Rugby Championships, Yoyogi National Stadium – International tournament with Japan, USA, Australia, and the UK. Matches start from 10:00 a.m. Japanese Para-Sports Association, Free admission.

1-8 Apr. 2020 – Swimming [CANCELLED]
JAPAN SWIM 2020, Tokyo Aquatics Centre – Not an Olympic test event, but an Olympic qualifier for Japanese swimmers. Japan Swimming Federation, Admission charged, from ¥2,000.
第96回日本選手権水泳競技大会 競泳競技 兼第32回オリンピック競技大会(2020 / 東京)代表選手選考会

4-5 Apr. 2020 – Artistic gymnastics [CANCELLED]
2020 Artistic Gymnastics All-Around World Cup Tokyo, Ariake Gymnastics Centre – Internationale de Gymnastique / JAPAN GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATION, Admission charged.

11-12 Apr. 2020 – Water polo [CANCELLED]
WATER POLO CHALLENGE MATCH 2020, Tatsumi Water Polo Centre – April 11 will see women’s Japan vs. USA, and April 12 will have men’s Japan vs. Italy. Japan Swimming Federation, Admission charged, ¥2,000 non-reserved seats.
水球チャレンジマッチ 2020 水球日本代表壮行試合

21-26 Apr. 2020 – Diving [CANCELLED]
FINA DIVING WORLD CUP 2020, Tokyo Aquatics Centre – Fédération Internationale de Natation, Admission charged, from ¥1,000.
FINA 飛込ワールドカップ2020 兼東京2020オリンピック最終選考会

21-26 Apr. 2020 – Volleyball [CANCELLED]
VOLLEYBALL ARIAKE ARENA TEST MATCHES 2020, Ariake Arena – Men’s and women’s volleyball with Japan, Australia, China, Korea, Thailand, and Chinese Taipei. Two games per day. Japan Volleyball Association, Admission charged, from ¥2,000.

25-26 Apr. 2020 – Rugby sevens [CANCELLED]
Asia Sevens Invitational 2020 (Rugby), Tokyo STADIUM – Men’s and women’s teams from eight countries like Korea, Sri Lanka, Chinese Taipei, China, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. Japan Rugby Football Union, Admission charged.

30 Apr.-3 May. 2020 – Artistic swimming [CANCELLED]
FINA ARTISTIC SWIMMING OLYMPIC GAMES QUALIFICATION TOURNAMENT 2020, Tokyo Aquatics Centre – Fédération Internationale de Natation, Admission charged, from ¥1,200.
FINA アーティスティックスイミング ワールドシリーズ 2020・東京2020 オリンピック最終選考会

2-3 May. 2020 – Para Athletics [CANCELLED]
2020 Japan Para Athletics Championships, Olympic Stadium – Japanese Para-Sports Association, Admission TBA.

Official list of test events: https://tokyo2020.org/en/games/sport/testevents/
In Japanese: https://www.2020games.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/taikaijyunbi/kanren/testevents/index.html

5-6 May. 2020 – Athletics track [CANCELLED]
TOKYO Challenge Track Meet 2020, Olympic Stadium – Japan Association of Athletics Federations, Admission TBA.