Hina Matsuri Doll Festival at Konosu, Saitama

Konosu Bikkuri Hina Matsuri doll festival at Konosu City Hall, Saitama.

Happy Grrlz Day! Saw Hinamatsuri at Konosu City Hall in Saitama Prefecture for the first time. The lobby had a huge pyramid (7 meters high) of 1,800 hina dolls flanked by more doll displays on both sides. And the front porch had 2,000 dolls (displayed only on weekends). Awesome.

On weekends when it’s not raining, they also display 2,000 hina dolls on the front porch.

More photos: https://photoguide.jp/pix/thumbnails.php?album=838

Article: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/fq20120302a2.html

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