Okinawa’s die-cut postcard.

The Japan Post Office sells these special die-cut postcards (called regional form cards) unique to each prefecture. Each die-cut postcard features a picture of a prefectural symbol which could be a famous castle, delicacy, animal, etc.

So far, three cards for each prefecture have been issued since 2009. Each prefecture’s die-cut cards can be bought only in the respective prefecture’s post offices. For example, you cannot buy Tokyo’s die-cut cards in another prefecture. If you want to collect them all, you’ll have to travel to all the prefectures. Each card costs 180 yen and requires a 120 yen stamp for domestic mail.

Fortunately, there is a Web site where you can see the designs of all the die-cut cards in each prefecture:

Just click on any prefecture to see the three die-cut cards. Or run your mouse over a prefecture to see one sample die-cut card. The charming designs are colorful and cute.

Shiga’s die-cut postcard