I wrote an article about hula in this month’s March 2004 issue of WINGSPAN magazine which is ANA’s inflight magazine.

It is the magazine’s main article with 10 pages of text and color photos. It is the result of a “hula trip” to Hawaii I made in Nov. 2003. The article includes a personal narrative of my thoughts and experiences with hula, interviews with hula dancers, and practical information such as hula basics, hula history, and hula shows. The photos were taken by a pro photographer.

There were a few editorial disagreements I had with the magazine editor, so there are a few words and expressions that I don’t agree with. Such as the title: “Hawaii: Window to a Culture.” I wanted it to be “Hula: Window to a Culture.” After all, the article is about hula, not Hawaii. But all in all, it turned out okay.

If you fly on ANA (All Nippon Airways) this month, please look for my article! Otherwise, you can probably pick up a copy at ANA ticket offices.

Have a good trip!

Update: I have reproduced the article online, but without the original photos (taken by someone else). The photos in the online version were not in the original article: