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Ohmi Railway (近江鉄道; Ohmi (also Omi, Oumi) Tetsudo)
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Location Shiga Prefecture(s)
Terminal Stations Maibara Station, Omi-Hachiman Station, Yokaichi Station, Kibukawa Station  
Major Stations Maibara Station, Yokaichi Station, Omi-Hachiman Station, Kibukawa Station  
Train Types Futsu only
Train Schedule Main Line Schedule at ekikara.jp Yokaichi Line schedule Taga Line schedule
Total Distance Main Line 47.7 km, Yokaichi Line 9.3 km, Taga Line 2.5 km
Opened Main Line first opened in 1898 and completed in 1931. Yokaichi Line opened in 1913. Taga Line opened in 1914. 
Operator Ohmi Railway Corporation 
Others Other Railways in Shiga, Railways in Japan 

by Philbert Ono

Ohmi Railway Corporation (Ohmi Tetsudo) (also spelled Omi and Oumi) is a private railway company (affiliated with Seibu which operates railways in the Tokyo area) operating a few train lines and bus routes in the interior area of eastern Shiga Prefecture. The trains are short, usually only two or three cars, and they run on single tracks. Travel time is quite slow. The train line is nicknamed "Gachakon" (ガチャコン) which refers to the banging sound it makes on the rails. Ohmi Railway official Website

On Sat., Sun., and national holidays (except Dec. 31-Jan. 3), the "SS free kippu" ticket is available for only 550 yen and you can use it to ride the Ohmi Railways all day. A good deal if you plan to ride the Ohmi Railways train at least twice.

Also, during non-rush hours (9 am - 4 pm), you can bring your bicycle aboard the train.

There are three train lines:

Train Stations

List of all train stations including transfer lines and popular destinations.

Main Line (Honsen 本線)

From Maibara Station to Kibukawa Station.

Ohmi Railways Taga Line (多賀線)

Only three stations on this line which shoots off the Main Line. From Maibara and Hikone Stations, some trains run directly to Taga Taisha-mae. On other train runs, you may have to transfer at Takamiya Station.

  • Takamiya Station (高宮駅) - Transfer point between the Main Line and Taga Line. Takamiya-juku is also a former stage town on the Nakasendo Road.
  • Screen Station (スクリーン駅) - New station opened on March 15, 2008. Near Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co. Ltd.'s semiconductor R&D center. The station was built by the company for its employees.
  • Taga Taisha-mae Station - (多賀大社前駅) - Nearby is Taga Taisha Shrine, one of Shiga's most popular shrines.

Ohmi Railways Yokaichi Line (八日市線)

Runs between Omi-Hachiman Station on the Tokaido Main Line and Yokaichi Station in Higashi Omi.

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