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NARAHARA Ikko 奈良原 一高 (1931.11.3-) Fukuoka. Prominent fine-art photographer.

Major themes Europe and America

Education Attended Matsue High School, Matsue, Shimane Pref., 1948-50. Graduated from Chuo University, Tokyo in 1954 with a B.A. in law. Graduated from Waseda University, Tokyo in 1959 with an M.A. in art history.

Career Freelance photographer in Tokyo from 1956. Founding member of Vivo Ltd. photographers agency, Tokyo, 1959-61. Lived in Europe 1962-65. Lived in Tokyo 1965-70. Lived in New York 1970-74. Based in Tokyo since 1974. Best known for his photographs of Europe (especially Venice) and America.

Awards Most Promising Photographer Award, 1959; Photographer of the Year Award, 1967, Japan Photo Critics Association; Mainichi Arts Award, 1967; Arts Award, Ministry of Education, 1968; Award of the Year, Photographic Society of Japan, 1986.

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