Kusatsu Line

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Kusatsu Line (草津線; Kusatsu-sen)
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Location Shiga and Mie Prefecture(s)
Terminal Stations Kusatsu Station and Tsuge Station (Iga, Mie)  
Major Stations Kusatsu Station, Kibukawa Station, and Tsuge Station  
Train Types Futsu only
Train Schedule Schedule at ekikara.jp
Total Distance 36.7 km
Opened 1889 (extended from Mikumo to Tsuge in 1890) 
Operator JR West 
Others Other Railways in Shiga, Railways in Japan 
Links JR Kusatsu Line 

by Philbert Ono

The line runs from Kusatsu Station to Tsuge Station in Mie Prefecture, with stations in Kusatsu, Ritto, Konan, and Koka.

Train Stations

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