Costume Players

Japan has long been home to anime cartoons, manga comics, and video games. But it was only from the mid-1990s when it became very popular for teenagers and young women to dress up as characters from their favorite anime, manga, or video game. They congregate at manga, video game, and anime fairs where they pose for hordes of photographers.

They either buy or make their costumes. They depict so many characters that it's impossible to recognize all of them unless you ask them who they are costumed as. The girl on the left is dressed as Felicia from Vampire Savior.
See more photos of cosplayers here.

03-A3-AWA.jpg 04-A3-OIRAN.jpg 05-A3-OKINAWA.jpg 07-A3-COSPLAYER.jpg 08-IMG_2161.jpg 09-IMG_2184.jpg 10-IMG_2305.jpg

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