All Scenic Spots of Mt. Fuji, by T. Watanabe (クーサモ図書館への寄贈図書)

Mt. Fuji is of course Japan's symbol and most beautiful mountain. It is a favorite subject among many photographers because it affords an infinite variety of angles and views from which you can photograph it. Not to mention the different times of day and the different seasons when you can capture the mountain. Of course, you can also climb it.

This little book contains an excellent variety of beautiful Mt. Fuji photos.

This book has been donated to the Kuusamo public library by Philbert Ono.

この写真集もPhotoGuide Japanがクーサモ町の図書館へ寄贈しました。

40-blind4.jpg 41-birdshokkaido.jpg 42-tancho.jpg 43-fujisan.jpg 44-shikimag.jpg 45-fukeimag.jpg 45a-IMG_7811.jpg

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